In-person Therapy in Barrie and Virtual Therapy throughout Ontario for Youth and Adults

Specializing in:
– Depression
– Guilt
– Grief
– Loss of Relationship, Separation and Divorce
– Living with a Chronic Illness
– Post-traumatic Stress (PTSD)/Complex PTSD
– Interpersonal/Relational Concerns/Relational Trauma
– Personality Disorders/Traits
– Insomnia/Problems with Sleep
– Sexual dysfunction

Psychotherapy Barrie
Tucker Psychotherapy Registered Psychotherapists Ontario 1000457477

Barrie office located at:

72 Ross Street | Unit 6F

Barrie Ontario | L4N 1G3

Do you have questions about the services we offer?

E-mail: info@tuckerpsychotherapy.com

Phone: 705-770-8916

In crisis in Barrie or Simcoe County? Call the 24 hour crisis line at 705-728-5044 or toll free at 1-888-893-8333. If you are out of the Barrie or Simcoe County region and in crisis you can use the following numbers: In Canada 1-833-456-4566 and In the United States 1-800-273-8255. If you or someone else is experiencing a mental health emergency call 9-1-1 or the emergency number for the area that you or they are in, or visit the closest emergency department.

Psyhotherapy in Barrie

Counselling in Barrie Counselling in Ontario

Psychotherapist in Barrie Psychotherapy in Ontario

Psychotherapy in Orillia

Anxiety Help Depresssion Help Cope with stress Counselling for Borderline Personality Disorder psychotherapy services to Barrie and surrounding areas

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Royce Tucker

Counselling in Barrie Counselling Barrie Psychotherapist with psychology degree in Barrie

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